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IP Surveillance Systems as compared to CCTV Systems

The introduction of newer ways of performing things, and different techniques involved in making things work has now started affecting many fields. The field of security is no exception to this. A few years ago, we saw the sensor alarms being famous which then gave rise to cameras being used to monitor the movements in an area. With change in technology and the demand for better and sharper images, people came up with cameras that delivered high resolution images and worked efficiently in broad daylight as well as the minimum amount of light that they get at night.

Since most of the crimes are performed during night time, night vision became a very important part of security systems. Here is when the companies came up with night vision cameras and the IR Illuminators that can be installed with the basic CCTV cameras or the advanced IP cameras. This shows how the devices used for security have gradually changed. But, is this enough? A CCTV camera captures images and Videos that are stored in the memory that is limited and can be seen later. But, is there anything that will help you watch the video live; while it is being captured?

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Yes, there is! You can go in for the IP Surveillance System that will help you capture an image or a video footage and move it to a computer or a network where it can be viewed live. This surveillance system is nothing but the advanced version of security measures applied using the concept of an IP network and the CCTV cameras used together. The factors that make this surveillance system better than the CCTV cameras are as mentioned below:

1.    Wide Range Networking: You can connect these cameras to a large network that covers, indoor as well as outdoor security. Known to have a wide range of video servers that we can select from, the system also allows you to make use of the analog CCTV cameras and still get the benefits of the complete digital system.

2.    Two way Audio Communication: Apart from the special footage that you can watch on a remotely placed computer, the advanced IP cameras also allow you to perform two way communication over the network. This means that you cannot not only hear what is going on at the site, but you can also question intruders from where you are sitting.

3.    Recording and Storage: This is the most important factor that we all are worried about. There are times when we need to refer to a footage taken a few days or months back. But, this footage may have been deleted because of the limited storage memory that is available. With the use of IP Surveillance Systems, you can be sure that you have all the data stored on the hard disk of the computer that is connected to the network.

IP Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

4.    No Separate Power Cable needed: Unlike the other CCTV cameras that need a separate power cable to be connected to make sure that they are working, the cameras connected to an IP network do not need one. You do not need to call an electrician to install your cameras anymore. The Ethernet cable that is used for data transmission, it acts like a power cable for cameras connected in a network. You can therefore relax as your camera will keep working even when the power is off.

These are the few main factors that make IP Surveillance systems, superior to the CCTV systems that make use of simple analog CCTV cameras. You can instead make use of networked cameras that require less maintenance and still work efficiently to deliver the best quality images and video footage that one would expect.