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The Mystery of Night Vision

night vision

night vision

The term night vision refers to the ability to see when there is not enough light. Usually, night vision is made possible by a combination of sufficient intensity range and sufficient spectral range. Sufficient intensity range refers to the ability of seeing objects in low light condition. It has been observed that humans have poor night vision as compared to most animals. This is largely because of the differences in the anatomy and morphology of their eyes. On the other hand, the spectral range techniques can sense the radiation that is invisible to a human observer. Their vision is restricted to a certain range of electromagnetic spectrum that is called visible light. In order to ensure improved vision in low light conditions, companies like Axton Technologies offer a wide range of IR illuminators.

The light spectrum is measured in the inverse or in the wave length, whichever is frequent. The wave length of light is measured in nanometers and one nanometer is equal to 1 x 10-9 meters. The visible portion of this spectrum is between 380nm to 750nm range. The day/night optical cameras are manufactured in a way so that these can observe a wider spectrum than the human eyes. These optical cameras perform better with the assistance of IR illuminators. In case there is very low illumination from the street lights or the moon, an IR illuminator can be used as a spotlight to use these cameras.

There are different types of IR illumination devices including LED light, laser type and filtered incandescent lamps. These are high power lamps that are covered by an infrared filter. It lets the infrared radiation pass and blocks the visible light component. LED illuminators utilize a group of standard infrared emitting LEDs. The laser types are the most efficient among IR illuminators. These devices are based on an infrared laser diode which produces near infrared energy.

As IR illuminators have several advantages over other night vision technologies, they have merged as the most in demand among a wide range of industries and businesses. Apart from being cost-effective as compared to other options, IR illuminators also offer better quality as they can perform high-speed video capture; see through darkness, mist, fog, rain and snowfall etc; and eliminate the inconsistency of ambient light. As the market has a growing demand for these, Axton Technologies brings a range of IR illuminators along with LED light and other professional lighting solutions for security and surveillance.



How to determine the best price for Your Security Camera System?

Protecting the assets of your company is one of the most crucial tasks that you have to do while running a business. Probably, one of the best ways to do the same is to install an IP camera as this ensures that all your property is looked after well, round the clock. Although an IP camera alone may not be sufficient to ensure complete security of your business, it can nevertheless play an important role. By installing an IR illuminator or an IP camera, you can prevent damage, intrusion and theft, monitor all your employees, and build entrance security. Keeping all these in mind, Axton – a leading name when it comes to IR illuminators, IP cameras, blaze white lights or other kind of power supplies, is offering a wide range of IP cameras at an affordable rate.

There are a lot of factors that determine the price of a security camera system. IP cameras are available within a price range of $100 to $1000. Based on the price tag, the features of these cameras vary and the pricier versions come loaded with several top-of-the-line traits that their less expensive counterparts don’t have. Basically, quality and functionality are the two factors that determine the price of a security camera system. Cameras that are available at a lower cost are ideal for people who want to install a security camera system at their home. These are not designed for commercial surveillance and security applications.

On the other hand, the more expensive the camera is, the longer it will last. Cameras that are expensive are equipped with better video processing circuits and better sensors, and offer better visibility. They also ensure better light handling capability. Moreover, these cameras are equipped with faster internal computers that come loaded with the best possible compression algorithms. This way, customers using them get to benefit from video at higher frame rates. With a good quality IP camera that has quality lens, you can notice all the minute details, necessary to keep a close eye on your assets and employees.

Experts at Axton advise considering the surveillance objectives before buying an IP camera. If you are planning to buy one, remember these pointers to make an informed decision.

Working of Passive Infrared Sensor

An Electronic sensor that senses infrared (IR) light emitted from objects such as IR Illuminators when found within a certain range is called a Passive Infrared Sensor or PIR sensor. PIR sensors are usually used in PIR based motion detectors in order to check the movement of an object.


Working of PIR Sensors

Every object that has a temperature above zero degrees emits energy in the form of radiations. This form of radiation is usually invisible to the human eye. It gets detected by devices that are specially designed to detect such kinds of radiations. The “P” in the PIR sensors stands for passive. This is because the sensor does not release any form of radiation or energy to detect objects. In fact, it detects the radiations emitted by the other object that may be within its field of view. Though these sensors do not have to emit any sort of energy, they are the most complicated sensors as compared to others like photocells. Let us go, through the basic of the actual working of a PIR sensor.

The Passive Infrared sensor has two main slots in it. Each of these slots is constructed in a way that they are more sensitive to IR lights. There is a lens attached in between. This lens helps in widening the area that is being detected. The two slots detect the slightest movement taking place within their reach. When the sensors are idle, i.e. there is no movement around the sensor, both the slots show the same amount of IR detected. When a warm body, such as a human or an animal comes closer to the sensor, one half of it is intercepted and this causes a positive differential change among the two slots. By the time the body moves out of the range, it causes a negative differential change.

PIR Sensors are useful in detecting minute changes in temperature as they can also detect radiations from Infrared Illuminators that are not visible to the human eye. It will prove to be helpful in detecting movements in areas where entry is restricted.

How Night Vision works with IR lights

“Night vision” is the technology that provides us the ability to view things even in the darkest environment.  In modern days, the most well known and popular method of performing night vision is based on the usage of the image intensifiers. These image intensifiers are commonly used in night scopes and night vision goggles. When you think about these devices, you are looking at scopes and monocular in the first instance.

Coming to the advantages and disadvantages of image intensifiers, they have an excellent low level IR light sensitivity and enhanced visible imaging that produces the best possible, recognition and identification performance. Image intensifiers come in high resolution which consumes less power and cost less and has the ability to recognize people. But the main drawback of these image intensifiers is they are based on amplification methods where some light is required. Image intensifiers are not helpful when there is no light .Daytime performance is very poor in comparison to the night light performance.


How they work?

To overcome the demerits of image intensifiers, CCD image detector manufacturers have significantly enhanced the sensitivity of the CCD detector by incorporating an on-chip multiplication gain technology in IR light. The multiplication gain happens when photons are detected in device active area but before detector’s primary noise sources.

Do you wish to see objects in the dark?

Modern Night Vision Monocular and Goggles are devices that amplify available ambient light levels in order to transform a very dark night time scene into a bright picture enabling the user to recognize features and objects that would otherwise remain masked by darkness. However, all high quality vision devices have a trick up their sleeves. They provide extra light when the available light is not enough to get a bright image. Night visions do that with infrared illuminators. This illuminator casts a virtually invisible infrared rays at the particular object at which you are looking, the lenses of the binoculars receives the extra IR light along with the visible light which is available and results in a bright image. Brighter the images, the more light is gained.  More luxurious night vision devices always deliver superior images than cheaper ones and this is very apparent in the area where the image is located. All these things help to see the objects with IR rays during night time.

Improving Video Quality at Night Using Infrared Illuminators

Inappropriate lighting often results in poor video quality of the surveillance cameras. This has been resolved with the latest discovery of infrared illuminators that are used with these cameras. Since CCTV cameras are normally used for nighttime surveillance purposes and hence require enough light to capture those images in low light or at times, with no light, IR illuminators have become a key to provide clear images under such circumstances.

Working :

Infrared illuminators are devices that emit low frequency ir light or electromagnetic radiation, which is outside the normal visible spectrum. These give away light for the camera to pick up. However, this light is not visible to the human eyes. Due to this ability, the illuminators are used along with the night vision cameras to achieve high quality, clear images in the dark. Nevertheless, the range of your camera depends on the spectral response or sensitivity of the camera as well as the combination of lens used.

They work best with day/night cameras rather than color cameras. However, when the camera used is able to switch modes between color and b/w, these illuminators can serve their purposes.

Better Solution With CCTV Systems

Infrared illuminators offer one of the best solutions in conjunction with the CCTV system. There are different types of IR illuminators whose range, price, and usage varies. IR illuminators intensify and focus any light that is available in the near proximity. This is possible, because they use a particular lens to focus the light into the image intensifier and later release a group of electrons, which are speeded up by a light source, which then determines the quality of the images.

They even eliminate the requirement for outdoor lights entirely and hence the surveillance systems require no additional lighting on the premises. Unlike floodlights, these illuminators do not let the intruder be aware of the image capture.

To maximize the benefits, it is essential to use the appropriate camera along with the appropriate illuminator.

Tips to Choose a Right Home Security Camera with IR Illuminator

Choosing the right kind of IR illuminator for your home security camera requires a fundamental knowledge about illuminators as well as the cameras. You ought to understand the need for your security cameras and night vision cameras to have them.

Infrared Illuminator and Security Camera

If you propose to place a security camera, the very purpose of it must be to prevent strangers or animals from intruding the premises at night. Hence, the camera would obviously be placed in an outdoor area or in any one of your corridors/passages where there would be minimum light at night. Installing infrared illuminators with the camera would help you to capture images even in the darkest of situations, as these illuminators emit infrared light that help the camera to pick up images in the dark. Since the ir light given by the it is not visible to the naked eyes, the intruders will not be aware of being captured.


Choosing the Right Home Security Camera with Illuminator

– Choose a camera with black and white setting or a camera that is able to switch modes between color and black and white camera, as the IR illuminator offers the best results and better clarity with black and white cameras.

– There are three types of ir illuminators; lamps, lasers, and diodes. Diodes are low-priced, small and ideal for shorter range of illumination. They do not consume more power. Infrared lamps have to be maintained well and are more expensive but can operate for longer distances. Lasers offer the best quality image even at a very long distance but are expensive.

– Choose one that is apt for your requirements and compatible with your camera.

Identify the best company that can help you get an outdoor security camera with IR illuminator, which would make your premises secure.