IR illumators

Myths About Video Surveillance Systems

Gone are the days when people were first dependent on people and the other machinery that promised security of life and property. With the improvement in technology, it is now seen that the criminals are using better methods to break through some secured areas. This is where one needs advanced security measures. You cannot just rely on the preventive security measures to protect life and property. You also need to keep some measures that will help you to track the criminals after the crime has been performed. This is when you might think of a Video Surveillance system.


The fact that these systems have proved to be the best among all those that are used for the purpose of security, has brought about many companies working to improve the methods and machinery being used in them. Even though, everything looks promising and good enough, there are a few myths that have resulted in many people doubting the actual working of the security systems. A few myths and the respective facts are as mentioned below.

MYTH : Searching for the Footage is difficult.

FACT : There are a number of Video Surveillance systems that store the footage for future reference. It is true that it seems to be difficult to search a small clip from the entire footage that is being recorded since hours. But, technology has brought out a solution for this too. We can now use the date and time to search a particular clip within the entire video footage.

MYTH : You will never get the clarity in images and videos taken at night as compared to those taken in broad daylight.

FACT : You can avail night/ day cameras if you wish to capture images both; during the day and the night. A White Light Infrared Illuminator will help you get a clear image. The camera should be fixed with an infrared corrected lens that solves the problem of switching between the day and night modes.

MYTH : The IR Illuminators usually have a fixed range of illumination that needs to be compared to that of the camera before it is bought.

FACT : The Illumination distance of an Infrared Illuminator can be increased by simply increasing the output power of the light source. If you want to increase the distance twice, you need to increase the distance thrice, the output power should be increased nine times and so on.

It is therefore seen that nothing is possible in this advanced world of technology. One can surely make use of the advanced settings that most of these devices have, to make sure that they work well and give the expected output.


How Night Vision works with IR lights

“Night vision” is the technology that provides us the ability to view things even in the darkest environment.  In modern days, the most well known and popular method of performing night vision is based on the usage of the image intensifiers. These image intensifiers are commonly used in night scopes and night vision goggles. When you think about these devices, you are looking at scopes and monocular in the first instance.

Coming to the advantages and disadvantages of image intensifiers, they have an excellent low level IR light sensitivity and enhanced visible imaging that produces the best possible, recognition and identification performance. Image intensifiers come in high resolution which consumes less power and cost less and has the ability to recognize people. But the main drawback of these image intensifiers is they are based on amplification methods where some light is required. Image intensifiers are not helpful when there is no light .Daytime performance is very poor in comparison to the night light performance.


How they work?

To overcome the demerits of image intensifiers, CCD image detector manufacturers have significantly enhanced the sensitivity of the CCD detector by incorporating an on-chip multiplication gain technology in IR light. The multiplication gain happens when photons are detected in device active area but before detector’s primary noise sources.

Do you wish to see objects in the dark?

Modern Night Vision Monocular and Goggles are devices that amplify available ambient light levels in order to transform a very dark night time scene into a bright picture enabling the user to recognize features and objects that would otherwise remain masked by darkness. However, all high quality vision devices have a trick up their sleeves. They provide extra light when the available light is not enough to get a bright image. Night visions do that with infrared illuminators. This illuminator casts a virtually invisible infrared rays at the particular object at which you are looking, the lenses of the binoculars receives the extra IR light along with the visible light which is available and results in a bright image. Brighter the images, the more light is gained.  More luxurious night vision devices always deliver superior images than cheaper ones and this is very apparent in the area where the image is located. All these things help to see the objects with IR rays during night time.