Infrared Illumination

Buying Tips for Infrared Illumination

There are a number of things that we might wish to purchase to make life much simpler or to make the place around us a better place to live in. People are spending lavishly when they are concerned about security. CCTV cameras and surveillance systems are often seen installed around homes and offices. With the need of a more advanced security system, there are many security system providers who have come up with the IR Illuminators that help customers to get a better coverage of the area in the dark as well. But, are you among those who simply selects things without judging? If you are paying for a certain thing, it is important to make sure that you make sure that it is worth the price you would be paying. Therefore, while purchasing an IR Illuminator too you need to think about various other things that might affect the quality of the footage and affect the effectiveness of security.


Frequency: This is the most common factor that is often ignored by the buyers. Although the infrared light that is emitted through the illuminators enables night vision, the light emitted cannot be seen by the human eye. Thus, it is a safe device that keeps the criminal unaware of being recorded. The common IR Illuminators that are available in the market, operate at 750nM and 840nM or 880nM. These devices display a small red light when looked at it directly. One must prefer buying an IR Illuminator that operates at 950nM or higher.

Select the Co-Location: The devices and the equipments used for security are not as cheap as we might think. Therefore, we need to think of ways and means to save the cost without compromising on the quality. IR Illuminators are often placed close to the camera. But, seldom do people realize that if the illuminator is placed close to the subject, it will give a much clearer picture with the least power.

Weather Rating: A security camera or an IR Illuminator will not necessarily be placed indoors only. There might be many different places outside your home too. Thus, it is important to see whether the equipments are weather resistant. The term that determines the weather resistance of electronic devices is the Ingress Protection rating. The higher this rating is, the more resistant the device is towards weather. Select an IR Illuminator that has more than IP65.

The Range: This is another important factor that one would have to consider before selecting an IR Illuminator. It is obvious that a person would prefer to purchase an Illuminator that has the longest range. But, the other factors we will have to consider are the power consumption and the larger dimensions that will not be suitable for battery operated systems. Thus, you will have to manage all these constraints depending on the system that you wish to use.

The Kind of Camera: Cameras are produced with different features making them suitable for different applications. Not all cameras can work with all kinds of parts that are attached to them. This means that you need to check whether the camera that you already have or the one you are planning to buy can work with an IR Illuminator attached to it. The black and white cameras with low Lux ratings can prove to be the best for such applications. But, the day and night cameras that people usually prefer are the ones that might give trouble.

These are the five main points that you will have to look into before selecting the appropriate IR Illuminator. If you are about to install the entire security system at home, make sure you purchase all the devices and equipments that complement each other. This will help you in obtaining a clear image and a better video footage. If you already have a camera installed, select an IR Illuminator that works best with it. You can thus be sure of a good security system at the most reasonable price.