How to choose a Video Surveillance System for Your Home?

The need for security at home and office and the monitoring over the employees at the workplace are the main reasons why people are looking up to a video surveillance system. Every individual wishes to keep their goods, property and his dear ones safe enough. These security systems not only capture images and videos, but can also be used to watch the live footage of any suspicious activity taking place.

But, are all the surveillance systems the same? Like every other technology, here too there are a number of factors, one would need to consider before investing in the entire system. These factors are the basic ones that will help people to know what they really need. Its only after you are clear with this, that you can move on to the next advanced features you wish to consider about the camera. Let us take a look at all these basic features one by one.

IR Security Camera

  1. The Place where the Cameras would be installed: This is extremely important as you need to know the kinds of cameras that you will have to invest in. Indoor cameras are quite simpler as compared to the outdoor ones as they are used for normal capturing of images and videos and come without weather proofing. The indoor cameras are also quite cheaper as compared to the outdoor ones.
  2. The Kind of Camera you want: There are two basic kinds of cameras; the Black and White and the Color ones. You can select any of these as per your requirement. The Black and White cameras allow you to install a surveillance system at a lower cost. Moreover, these cameras give excellent results in dim light. They are best used at restaurants and outdoor night monitoring. They also respond well when IR Illuminators are being used along with them. However, it is good to have at least one colored camera around as it is ideal for positive suspect recognition.
  3. Stationary or Potable Cameras: You need to decide whether you will need to move the cameras now and then, or you would simply let it remain where it is being installed. The wireless cameras offer great portability making sure that the camera can be uninstalled and reinstalled easily. The Wired cameras add in a little more complexity in the process of installation. The wired ones are cheaper than the wireless ones.
  4. You wish to watch it Live or just Record it: You will want to take the live footage of the activities taking place in areas where immediate response is required. The examples are hospitals and child care. Whereas, in places where you need not respond immediately, you can prefer the recording of videos.

Apart from these, you can also consider the points such as the range of the cameras, the lens used, the image quality, etc. There are many more such factors that one would like to consider. But, those factors would only keep adding to the cost of the system. If you just need a simple


IP Surveillance Systems as compared to CCTV Systems

The introduction of newer ways of performing things, and different techniques involved in making things work has now started affecting many fields. The field of security is no exception to this. A few years ago, we saw the sensor alarms being famous which then gave rise to cameras being used to monitor the movements in an area. With change in technology and the demand for better and sharper images, people came up with cameras that delivered high resolution images and worked efficiently in broad daylight as well as the minimum amount of light that they get at night.

Since most of the crimes are performed during night time, night vision became a very important part of security systems. Here is when the companies came up with night vision cameras and the IR Illuminators that can be installed with the basic CCTV cameras or the advanced IP cameras. This shows how the devices used for security have gradually changed. But, is this enough? A CCTV camera captures images and Videos that are stored in the memory that is limited and can be seen later. But, is there anything that will help you watch the video live; while it is being captured?

Nanao Infrared Tactical

Yes, there is! You can go in for the IP Surveillance System that will help you capture an image or a video footage and move it to a computer or a network where it can be viewed live. This surveillance system is nothing but the advanced version of security measures applied using the concept of an IP network and the CCTV cameras used together. The factors that make this surveillance system better than the CCTV cameras are as mentioned below:

1.    Wide Range Networking: You can connect these cameras to a large network that covers, indoor as well as outdoor security. Known to have a wide range of video servers that we can select from, the system also allows you to make use of the analog CCTV cameras and still get the benefits of the complete digital system.

2.    Two way Audio Communication: Apart from the special footage that you can watch on a remotely placed computer, the advanced IP cameras also allow you to perform two way communication over the network. This means that you cannot not only hear what is going on at the site, but you can also question intruders from where you are sitting.

3.    Recording and Storage: This is the most important factor that we all are worried about. There are times when we need to refer to a footage taken a few days or months back. But, this footage may have been deleted because of the limited storage memory that is available. With the use of IP Surveillance Systems, you can be sure that you have all the data stored on the hard disk of the computer that is connected to the network.

IP Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

4.    No Separate Power Cable needed: Unlike the other CCTV cameras that need a separate power cable to be connected to make sure that they are working, the cameras connected to an IP network do not need one. You do not need to call an electrician to install your cameras anymore. The Ethernet cable that is used for data transmission, it acts like a power cable for cameras connected in a network. You can therefore relax as your camera will keep working even when the power is off.

These are the few main factors that make IP Surveillance systems, superior to the CCTV systems that make use of simple analog CCTV cameras. You can instead make use of networked cameras that require less maintenance and still work efficiently to deliver the best quality images and video footage that one would expect.

Explaining the working of security cameras

By now, we all know how safe it is to install security cameras to maintain security. People now prefer installing such network cameras in their homes and offices. It is found to be the most reliable method to keep your family and property secure. It is not only a solution for safety, but also a way to safe your property from theft or vandalism. Let us now see how these cameras work.


Each camera has a video transmitter that captures the image or the footage from the security camera and takes it along the network for further viewing. It captures all the movements that take place in the area that comes under its coverage. It does not actually matter of concern whether the camera is wireless or no. All these cameras need to do is capture images obtained during the surveillance and transmit them to the security monitor that is directly connected to the entire system. Some security cameras can be remotely operated, while a few others would have a person sitting at the monitoring end to keep a watch on the working.

There are other forms of cameras that can simply be used to record the movements in an area and keep them stored to be viewed at any point of time from anywhere. Security cameras that are installed in order to record movements at night, need a special add on that would help them in capturing sharper and detailed images or videos. Such add on can be in the form of IR LED Lights or IR Spotlights. This will help improve the night vision capacity of the cameras in order to deliver better results.

There are a variety of cameras available in the market that can be selected upon their working and the purpose they would be used for. The most complex material that would act as an obstruction for security cameras is metal. One would require high frequency cameras to be used for this purpose. Security cameras are available in all possible types and sizes. They can be as small as a button of your shirt or big enough like a camcorder. You can make a choice depending on what you are looking out for.

If you are buying a camera for personal use, you can buy the basic model. If you want to buy it for an organization, you can purchase a bigger one. If still you want the camera to have a clear vision during the night, you can opt for a camera that makes used of IR LED lights.

Hyperspectral imaging with infrared Light

Hyperspectral imaging, which is a unique form of spectral imaging, collects information from the different electromagnetic spectrum and processes them. Just like human eyes can witness the visible light in three bands, namely, blue, red or green, spectral imaging divides the spectrum into many more bands. Hyperspectral imaging, which is also known as imaging spectroscopy, combines the power of spectroscopy and digital imaging. For each of the pixels that are available in an image, a hyperspectral camera acquires the radiance, (the intensity of the light) for a large number (it might vary from ten to hundreds) of contiguous spectral bands. Thus, each of the pixels contains a continuous spectrum (in radiance or reflectance) and therefore, can be used to characterize the objects in the scene with great detail and precision. Using this technology of hyperspectral imaging, different types of products have been manufactured, including IR light cameras, night vision cameras with IR spotlight, cameras compatible with illuminar IR etc.


Use of IR light is an integral aspect in the manufacturing process of night vision cameras, as is hyperspectral imaging that allows you to capture images in dark and low light intensity with perfect accuracy and precision. These night vision security cameras, which are widely used both in businesses and individual houses, are extremely helpful for detecting any sort of unusual activities that are caused during the night. Hyperspectral images definitely provide much more detailed and accurate information about a particular scene than that of a normal color camera, which simply obtains just three different spectral channels that correspond to the primary visual colors, i.e. green, red and blue. Therefore, hyperspectral imaging creates an immensely improved ability, using which a camera can categorize the objects in the sight, depending on their spectral characteristics. The technology of sensor design and processing speed has advanced to a great extent recently, and this ensures that hyperspectral imaging can be used in a wide range of applications like military target detection, satellite based remote sensing etc.