What is the need of IR illuminator in CCTV cameras?

Cameras have become an integral part of security in the present day society. It has become absolutely important to install cameras in parking lots, malls, shops, stations and various other places for security purposes. With the rise in criminals activities and vandalism, installing CCTV cameras have become a necessity. Crime cases have been solved majorly because of CCTV footages. A decade ago, there was a mammoth rise in the number of crimes after dusk. The reason was the overpowering darkness that paved the way for criminal activities. Though technology was coming up with constant inventions, it could not beat the darkness. Most CCTV cameras that were designed those days worked flawlessly during the day time in strong light but failed to provide even a tiny bit of help after sun down. CCTV footages failed to cater to the demand of the situation as they were designed to capture and record images only in strong intensity of light. The introduction of IR  in the market was no less than a revolution. It increased the parameters of security by multitudes. IR illuminators are specially designed to record images at very low light or even absolute darkness.Image

Let us have a look at the working principle of an IR illuminator in CCTV cameras. IR illuminators were initially designed to capture images at very low light. With the advancement in technology, in no time IR lamps were able to capture images in absolute darkness. There is an inbuilt illuminator in this system that lights up when the intensity of light is lower than a predefined value. This value is predefined by the manufacturers of the illuminator and works according to the camera specifications. Most IR illuminators produce colored videos in strong intensity of light and black and white videos in low intensity of light.  These cameras are vandal proof and can combat changes in weather without the help of any other traditional supporting accessories. Most indoor IR illuminators give a very clear picture in both low and strong intensities of light. Indoor illuminators face a lot of obstructions due to other signals that interfere with the original signals required to produce the desired videos. Noise appears as small dots throughout the video as a result of interference. But with Infrared illuminators, you can look forward to getting clear pictures in light as well as dark conditions.

The IR Illuminators are available with long wave, mid wave and short wave spectral sensitivity that allows the fast measurement of temperature in real time. Infrared light is not visible to the human eye. Hence, even if Infrared illuminators are set up as safety measures, intruders will not be aware of the set up. To enhance the accuracy of these cameras, programmers have made sure that the up to 780000 temperature measurements are traced by the thermal images, overcoming the hurdles caused due to television signals, telephone lines and other such devices. Over the years, engineers have tried hard to optimize the sensitivity of IR illuminators.

Benefits of Infrared illuminators  

Noise can be the greatest source of obstruction consuming both bandwidth and CPU cycles. Once noise gets intermingled with the required signals, it becomes almost impossible to retrieve the original signals. The intermingling of noise with the original images not only produces unnecessarily large file size but also creates extremely poor quality video footage. IR Light will help to keep these obstructions at bay giving a better quality video as an output.

Another reason of poor quality video is the glare produced by other sources of light. The glare causes the uneven distribution of light throughout the video, thereby reducing its contrast ratio. The use of infrared can reduce the glare and produce better quality pictures. Their pixel size is large and hence they can absorb more light.

No wonder why IR are selling like hot cakes and have become an integral part of CCTV cameras. After all, there should be no compromise when it comes to security and these Infrared illuminators ensure just that.


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