Hyperspectral imaging with infrared Light

Hyperspectral imaging, which is a unique form of spectral imaging, collects information from the different electromagnetic spectrum and processes them. Just like human eyes can witness the visible light in three bands, namely, blue, red or green, spectral imaging divides the spectrum into many more bands. Hyperspectral imaging, which is also known as imaging spectroscopy, combines the power of spectroscopy and digital imaging. For each of the pixels that are available in an image, a hyperspectral camera acquires the radiance, (the intensity of the light) for a large number (it might vary from ten to hundreds) of contiguous spectral bands. Thus, each of the pixels contains a continuous spectrum (in radiance or reflectance) and therefore, can be used to characterize the objects in the scene with great detail and precision. Using this technology of hyperspectral imaging, different types of products have been manufactured, including IR light cameras, night vision cameras with IR spotlight, cameras compatible with illuminar IR etc.


Use of IR light is an integral aspect in the manufacturing process of night vision cameras, as is hyperspectral imaging that allows you to capture images in dark and low light intensity with perfect accuracy and precision. These night vision security cameras, which are widely used both in businesses and individual houses, are extremely helpful for detecting any sort of unusual activities that are caused during the night. Hyperspectral images definitely provide much more detailed and accurate information about a particular scene than that of a normal color camera, which simply obtains just three different spectral channels that correspond to the primary visual colors, i.e. green, red and blue. Therefore, hyperspectral imaging creates an immensely improved ability, using which a camera can categorize the objects in the sight, depending on their spectral characteristics. The technology of sensor design and processing speed has advanced to a great extent recently, and this ensures that hyperspectral imaging can be used in a wide range of applications like military target detection, satellite based remote sensing etc.


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