Suitability of Infrared Security Camera for a Place Introduction

Infrared security cameras are being used in most of the premises – public and private, to detect and prevent crime. They are available in wide varieties, have easy installation features, and are quite affordable. Based on your needs and budget, you may pick the one that has the relevant features.


A variety of Cameras to select from

Different Types of Infrared Security Cameras and Applications

1. Indoor Cameras: Indoor infrared security camera models are mostly used in homes where people need spying during the day for various reasons. These are also used in huge buildings where some corners are left unnoticed. You may also find these devices in schools, offices, hotels, factories etc.
2. Outdoor Cameras: These are normally found at the entry points and exit points of public buildings and in the garden and portico area of homes to watch for movements during night times.
3. Dome Cameras: These are installed inside the dark surfaces of domes, which are out of your sight, and hence have a very compact design to give a discreet appearance. These are found in public places like bus terminals, at railway stations, huge public gatherings, shopping malls, etc.
4. IR Day/Night Cameras: These are the most popular varieties of infrared security camera systems. During the day, they function as a normal security camera with colors, while during night; they function as a black and white infrared security camera.
5. Bullet Cameras: They are placed in commercial and residential premises, and come in casings that look like a bullet. These are effective, tiny, weatherproof devices with integrated designs.
6. Vandal Proof Cameras: These are normally used outdoors and are best mounted on ceilings and walls. They are resistant to fog and rain.
7. Hidden Cameras: These infrared security cameras are compact, since they are designed with an inbuilt camera for the purpose of secret monitoring. They can broadcast simultaneously.
8. Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras: These cameras can zoom and view in every direction, as they can rotate.


Choosing the best infrared security camera should be purely based on your needs and the features of the camera model.


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