How Infrared Security Camera Better than CCTV

The infrared security camera is an advanced version of the CCTV camera model. Both are used for security and surveillance purposes in various places like banks, military campuses, convenience stores, casinos, airports, malls, and more. However, there are some technical and functional features present in the infrared security camera, which have contributed to its popularity.

IR Security Camera

IR Security Camera

The Difference
CCTV camera or Closed-Circuit Television uses video cameras for transmitting signals to a particular place and to a limited set of monitors. However, the infrared security camera helps the CCTV system to view and capture images in total darkness or low light situations.

How is an Infrared Security Camera Better than CCTV?
Infrared security camera is certainly more effective and advantageous over CCTV in many ways. It comprises of various salient features that allows it to be used in various indoor and outdoor setups, irrespective of whether it is day or night. Some of the advantages include:

  • While the normal CCTV systems have gained popularity for their surveillance benefits, the infrared security camera has gained attention for its ability to see in very low light conditions or even when it’s completely dark at nights.
  • The infrared security camera can switch into the night mode as the light in the surrounding starts to fade away and becomes a black and white camera from the colored version during the day.
  • It provides much better resolution despite the surroundings being dark, as it can sense the body temperature of the moving object, which could be a human or animal.
  • While the CCTV cameras record and transmit signals to limited monitors, the infrared security camera allows you to view images on your laptop, TV, or even smartphone screen.
  • While the CCTV system involves wires, their infrared security counterparts come with wireless option for outdoors.
  • The IR camera is quite affordable and is offered with variations in lens and features.

In essence, an infrared security camera is a new step in technology when compared to the CCTV system.


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