IR illuminator used in bomb detecting device.


Here is of photos of some of our Axton infrared illuminators on some bomb clearing vehicles in Afghanistan.

Night vision devices can detect the near infrared light spectrum and convert it to a visible image, powerful IR illuminators can greatly enhance the performance of night vision equipment and the ability of troops to perform critical missions.

Infrared Illuminator also used as night vision devices for better quality image. A night vision device approaches to the level of total darkness which produces better quality images .

Illuminator with such devices came into existence in during World War II due  to us special features  of providing good quality image during the night time. As the technology improved Ir illuminator was also used in the Bob detecting devices.


Bomb Detector

Close-up of Axton IR illuminator on bomb clearing vehicle in Afghanistan. Powerful IR illuminators can significantly enhance the performance of night vision equipment.

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