Benefits Of Using IR Illumination With CCTV Camera In Surveillance Enviroments.


A CCTV camera works best when it gets proper light. The effectiveness of any CCTV installation can be determined by a simple rule : how well it can perform in low light conditions which determines the overall effectiveness of the CCTV. All the modern security cameras suggest minimum Lux rating. However, without without specialist CCTV illumination whether it’s the visible white light or infrared, most of the cameras will capture low quality images in dark night environments.


Given below are some of the advantages of using IR illumination with IR Illumination with CCTV camera

  • Well lighted videos have less noise. Noise usually appears as small dots glittering around. Once it gets mixed with actual signal and becomes very difficult to take out. Noise consumes bandwidth , quickly drains CPU cycles during encode. This results in large file size but bad quality video. According to test results, one can save 80 to 90% of bandwidth and storage space by infrared lighting to make the picture brighter.  IR lightning will also help in improving the video quality and the recorded video will be of much higher quality.
  • CCTV camera recording always have streetlights and headlights glaring. Use of infrared lightning reduces glare. The dark areas will get lightened up thus decreasing the contrast ratio of the picture. This makes things easier for the CMOS  or the CCD sensors to compensate. The resulting picture quality will be on the higher side.

The difference between IP cameras and regular CCTV cameras is that IP cameras are less sensitive to light in comparison to CCTV cameras  as their pixel sizes are small, therefore, light absorption is less. CCTV cameras consumes high bandwidth and the file sizes are quite high. Using IR lightning will help you save a lot of bandwidth and storage.



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