Improving Video Quality at Night Using Infrared Illuminators

Inappropriate lighting often results in poor video quality of the surveillance cameras. This has been resolved with the latest discovery of infrared illuminators that are used with these cameras. Since CCTV cameras are normally used for nighttime surveillance purposes and hence require enough light to capture those images in low light or at times, with no light, IR illuminators have become a key to provide clear images under such circumstances.

Working :

Infrared illuminators are devices that emit low frequency ir light or electromagnetic radiation, which is outside the normal visible spectrum. These give away light for the camera to pick up. However, this light is not visible to the human eyes. Due to this ability, the illuminators are used along with the night vision cameras to achieve high quality, clear images in the dark. Nevertheless, the range of your camera depends on the spectral response or sensitivity of the camera as well as the combination of lens used.

They work best with day/night cameras rather than color cameras. However, when the camera used is able to switch modes between color and b/w, these illuminators can serve their purposes.

Better Solution With CCTV Systems

Infrared illuminators offer one of the best solutions in conjunction with the CCTV system. There are different types of IR illuminators whose range, price, and usage varies. IR illuminators intensify and focus any light that is available in the near proximity. This is possible, because they use a particular lens to focus the light into the image intensifier and later release a group of electrons, which are speeded up by a light source, which then determines the quality of the images.

They even eliminate the requirement for outdoor lights entirely and hence the surveillance systems require no additional lighting on the premises. Unlike floodlights, these illuminators do not let the intruder be aware of the image capture.

To maximize the benefits, it is essential to use the appropriate camera along with the appropriate illuminator.


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